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Asian Journal of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry

We are very happy to introduce Asian Journal of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry (AJMAC).  is an international, peer reviewed, open access bimonthly journal directed towards the needs of academic, clinical, government and industrial analysis by publishing original research reports and critical reviews on medicinal and analytical chemistry. It covers the interdisciplinary aspects of analysis in the pharmaceutical, biomedical and clinical sciences, including developments in analytical methodology, instrumentation, computation and interpretation.
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Medicinal Chemistry:

Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of novel biologically active compounds,(QSAR),Structural biological studies (X-ray, NMR, etc.), Molecular modeling, Computer Aided Drug Design, Natural product chemistry, combinatorial chemistry, lead discovery and optimization, Process chemistry and development, Drug metabolism and enzyme chemistry, Protein and peptide chemistry, clinical and Biochemistry.

Pharmaceutical Analysis:

Developments in analytical methodology, instrumentation, interpretation. Novel applications focusing on drug purity and stability studies, Pharmacokinetics, therapeutic monitoring, metabolic profiling, Drug-related aspects of analytical biochemistry and forensic toxicology, Quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry, ICH degradation profiling

Asian Journal of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry is started with the objective of rapid dissemination of knowledge. To facilitate speedy publication we offer a Fast Track- Rapid Publication System in which the decision on manuscript will be conveyed within ten working days.

The journal works on open access policy and Asian Journal of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry provides immediate open access to all its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. The journal has a distinguished editorial board from all over the academic world with extensive academic qualifications, ensuring that the journal maintains high scientific standards and has a broad international coverage. It is a great pleasure to invite the researchers (worldwide) to contribute a full-length original Research/Review article, Short communications, Case studies in related areas to Asian Journal of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry (AJMAC).

Please visit the journal’s Web site at  for details on Aims & Scope, Instructions to authors, current list of the journal's editors and other details.

We also provides "Certificate of Publication". For more information write us on

We would also appreciate if you could also refer the journal to your colleagues and other contacts in the field, for promotional purposes and submissions.

Author Guidelines

Articles reflecting diversity, cross-functional nature of Medicinal and Analytical Chemistry and emerging concerns are also considered for publication. To submit a paper, please go to Online Submissions of Papers. or authors can directly email the manuscript to

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